Plenty of people say they can do insulation and radiant barrier, but what really matters is getting it done right from start to finish. Whether it’s insulating and applying a good quality radiant barrier, or insulating under a crawl space, choose the professionals qualified to do the job. Insulation Guru covers residential, commercial and industrial insulation, as well as radiant barrier, weatherization and ventilation needs. Save on utility bills, live and work in a cleaner, healthier environment, and help give life to your A/C unit, as well as increase productivity in a commercial warehouse or office space — all with insulation works from The Insulation Guru.

Our mission is to offer our residential and commercial customers a professional and reliable insulation, radiant barrier, weatherization and ventilation services.

Photos From Past Insulation Jobs:


Residential customers know they can count on Insulation Guru. We are on time, work quickly, provide excellent quality and customer service and are always respectful of your home. Let our professionals help determine the best option for you. Read More.


Large commercial insulation projects are our specialty. Steel buildings, pole buildings or other commercial structures can have varying systems, from a simple single layer to a complex double layer system. Our goal is to apply top quality work on every job. Read More.


Both residential and commercial insulation services for Houston and surrounding counties both home and businesses. From blown attic insulation in the home to reinforced vinyl for commercial metal buildings and sound proofing commercial applications. Insulation Guru has mastered every need to serve Houston and surrounding counties for home business attic sub floor insulation and radiant barrier needs.


Keeping unwanted temperatures out and desired temperatures in, Insulation Guru is the premier certified expert for Houston and the surrounding areas in the field of radiant barrier applications. From staple up reinforced radiant barriers for residential homes to low-e barriers for commercial buildings, we’re a phone call away.


From foaming of penetrations to duct chase sealing and water proofing, keeping your Houston area home or business sealed from the outside elements is an essential part of Insulation Guru’s weatherization plan. Allow our professionals to come into your home or business and asses the best plan to weatherize.


Insulation Guru is certified and experienced in the best Ventilation solutions for both residential and commercial buildings in Houston and the surrounding counties. Soffit vents, Solar fans, Gable vents, Ridge vents, Air Hawks, Turbines and Electric fans, are all potential ventilation solutions. Proper ventilation is key to creating optimal air flow which is essential in maintaining the best possible ambient temperatures.

Looking to remodel your home or office?

We can help. The Insulation Guru is networked with construction crews who can get the job done correctly and efficiently. Give us a call: 713-228-4878


Have a Residential or Commercial Project?

Call on The Insulation Guru for professional insulation services. We have an excellent reputation for holding customer satisfaction as the top priority. Contact us for a quotation.

About The Insulation Guru

I’ve been doing insulation and construction for over 20 years. It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I realized I wanted to run a business and offer a service. I started, owned and sold S.C.I. Insulation for Insulation Houston in 2010. Then, wanted to offer something better, so I started The Insulation Guru. I make it personal. I’ve insulated thousands of attics and have applied radiant barrier to hundreds. I take this very seriously, and have a strong passion for what I do. I feel that if you are going to get the job done, then get the job done right.

I’ve taken the time to get certified and re-certified in several energy efficiency courses, as well as enroll and re-enroll in new courses. (Mascoat Ceramic Insulation Certified, LEED Green Associate- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, IECC- International Energy Conservation Code, T.D.H.C.A.-Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs weatherization certified, BPI Building Performance Institute, Envelope and Building Analyst Certified, Polynum U.S.A. Radiant Barrier Certified, Uniflex White Insulated Roof Coating Certified. Read More

Trust and Quality

The Insulation Guru understands that customer satisfaction starts with arriving at your home on time. (If we am running late, we will call. We are continuously adding new and improved insulated products as well as innovative ways to install and make it even better)

You won’t have to interrupt your day, wasting valuable time waiting on me. Our on-time record is second to none, and we arrive ready to work if the call arises. In some cases, a member of my experienced staff will respond to your service needs. My service technicians will apply the same attention to detail and quality workmanship standards that I set to every job, large or small. We want to earn your trust.
Plenty of people say they can do insulation and radiant barrier, but what really matters is getting it done right from start to finish.

Whether it’s insulating or applying a good quality radiant barrier or insulating under a crawl space, choose the professionals qualified to do the job–The Insulation Guru. Your insulation needs and services are performed by highly skilled and certified technicians. Foaming penetrations on the attic floor that lead to the living space below is often overlooked by most other companies – adding weatherization helps with the overall health of the home. The Insulation Guru will also build cat-walks and storage decking in your attic.

Our Certifications

Mascoat Ceramic Insulation Certified
LEED Green Associate- Leadership in energy and Environmental Design
IECC- International Energy Conservation Code
T.D.H.C.A.- Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
BPI- Building Performance Institute
Envelope and Building Analyst Certified
Polynum U.S.A. Radiant Barrier Certified
Uniflex White insulated roof coating

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Miscellaneous Services

Extraction of Insulation: (Requires 15hp attic vac.) or (extraction of batts-by hand)

Can Light Covers: Installing can-light covers for non-I.C. regulated lights in attic per code a 3″ from insulation.

Baffles: Baffle placement around perimeter of attic at soffit area to allow air flow.

Pipe Wrap: Insulated pipe wrap in the attic area.

Hot H20 Heater: Insulated wrap for Hot Water Heater.

Garage Doors: Insulation kits for garage doors (Low-e tech shield or fiberglass vinyl back kit).

Decking: Decking installation 4’X8′ 1/2 decking priced per sheet raised 4″ with deck screws.