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“The Insulation Guru was a true answer to prayer. We are so poor I must buy Insulin and Glaucoma medications on Craigslist to keep my wife of 36 years alive and from going blind. Our 35 year old all-electric home was poorly insulated resulting in electricity bills over $440 a month. We already had 2 disconnect notices. I prayed asking God to help. I Google searched for information on improving the insulation in my home and found The Insulation Guru. I spoke to the owner Chris Burke about our situation and he immediately offered to completely insulate my home for free. He came out that day and look over my home, listing what he was going to do, which included top quality radiant barrier, redirecting my air flow, weatherproofing and new insulation. The radiant barrier went in today and it has already made a huge difference in the attic temperature. The quality of his work crews work is outstanding. They are extremely knowledgeable, respectful and courteous. They are coming back soon to finish the job, but I can tell it has already been a huge help. I will be posting updates as the job is completed and also on what I am saving on my electricity bills. Chris Burke is a true Christian man who has a heart for helping others. Please use him if you need your house insulated.”

James Galyon

“I compared 4 insulation companies before I picked The Insulation Guru. I decided they definitely had the lowest price with the most items that would ensure my house not only had proper, but excellent insulation. Chris (owner) was very patient with my 20+ questions before hire & quickly responded to any before/after the project emails. The crew did a beautiful job, had great communication and customer service and Chris even came by to check on the project. I was very impressed with how serious and the pride that all employees had about workmanship and the quality they delivered. They really cared and treated the job as if they were completing it for their own house/family and they were a pleasure to work with.

As for the quality of the finished product…unbelievable!!! I haven’t seen an electrical/gas bill yet because it’s only been a few days, but I can say the first night the heater didn’t even kick on because the temperature stayed warm in the house. Plus, I only used a sheet rather than a sheet and 2 blankets to feel comfortable to sleep…I was amazed at the HUGE difference! As I said, I can’t say enough good things about this company and I highly recommend them for their customer service, workmanship, product, communication and price. Seriously, no other company will be able to beat The Insulation Guru!”

Melissa Wilson

“I recently had the pleasure of hiring the The Insulation Guru to come out and repair and upgrade our pier and beam subfloor insulation. I have to admit I was skeptical about their promise that our first floor would no longer be ice cold in the morning. But last week when the cold snap came through, our floors were no longer like walking on blocks of ice. Thanks guys, you we’re right! :)”

Michael Baumgarten

“I just wanted to let you know that what you did in our attic was truly magic. Our electricity bills has come down considerably. Most days we don’t bother to turn the air on until we’re getting ready for bed. Our electricity bills used to range between, $300-$500, now they range between, $150-$200. You and your product are life savers. You did your radiant barrier and insulation magic in our attic (***81 Fort Bend Drive, Simonton, TX) back in April (April 16th to be exact). And you said that if we referred other people to your company that you would pay us referral fee. Below is the list of our friends and family that you have done work for so far.”

Allen & Darlene Carlson

“We just received our first electric bill since the Insulation job was completed. Compared to this time last year and KW used we had a 20% reduction in cost. In addition, the house is much cooler. Before the insulation the upstairs was difficult to keep cool. Our house did not have adequate insulation. This was particularly true above our home theater. This room would become heated during the summer afternoons and our air conditioning system would not keep the room cool.

Since the work was done by The Insulation Guru, the room is now the same temperature as the rest of the house. Really quite amazing considering the room is above our garage.

We can only give positive comments about the high quality work of The Insulation Guru and feel you will be happy if you use their services. They are dedicated to making your home cooler and I believe give a fair price.”

Ron L.

“Hi Chris, I wanted to write you a note to let you know how very much my husband and I appreciate everything you did for us during the recent work you performed on our house. As you know, we solicited three competitive bids for the extensive work needed in our attic space and beyond, so that we could make the best decision for not just the integrity of our house, but for our family members’ overall health and well-being.

During our initial review of the bids acquired, The Insulation Guru proposal stood out as the most thorough, professional presentation and fair pricing by far. I knew in my gut after a few conversations with you that your attention to detail and follow-through would be exceptional and YOU DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! You explained everything to us about what steps would take place when and what to expect, you showed up when you said you were going to, keeping us informed with a multitude of pictures along the way and you performed your own punch list once the project was complete.

As if the quality of your workmanship were not enough, the level of customer service you provided throughout the project was like no other and beyond any comparison with contractors we’ve worked with in the past. Chris, while it may sound corny, it is the truth: you breathed life back into our home… We now feel at ease, knowing that the air we are breathing is clean air and no longer contaminated. We feel secure in knowing that there are no more penetrations along the exterior surfaces or finishes of our house, where critters can come in. We HAVE LIGHTS in the entire house, when only 1/2 were working and that wasn’t even in your scope of work!!! I could go on and on…

Chris, you would be proud to know that all of our light fixtures have working light bulbs and every one of our wall outlets and light switches have cover plates on them (including the granite back-splash throughout the kitchen). You gave us an injection of pride to continue making improvements throughout the home, little by little, day by day and it is really starting to come together!

A simple “thank you” is totally inadequate for the genuine appreciation and admiration we have in you as a person and your company, The Insulation Guru. We will definitely refer you to friends, family and acquaintances for many many years to come.”

Lisa and Byron

“Dear Chris, I am writing this letter to thank you and your crew on a job very well done. I am very pleased with the insulation work performed and the crew was very efficient from start to finish, especially with all that was encountered with the equipment. You and your crew were very professional and friendly. I wanted to assure you that you may use me as a reference in the future and I will recommend The Insulation Guru to anyone that may need some insulation work. I was pleased to do business with you and would gladly do so in the future. Thanks and have a great day.”

“Just want to give you a big thanks for the tremendous job you did for me today. My contractor persuaded me to go with his “insulator.” I use that term lightly. Thank you for cleaning up the gigantic mess they made and making me happy knowing that I now have a job well done. Before you left I literally had to turn off the a/c as I was so cold due to the fantastic job you and your guys did insulating my home.

It’s one thing to do a great insulating job but I was also blown away by your team. These guys were terrific and a delight to have around. You were so polite and professional going way over and above with the extras you did that I was literally gobsmacked. If I’d only had people like you when I started this building project I wouldn’t have the wrinkles I now have and would have been in the house months ago.

You are truly professional and I never thought I would meet someone who actually LOVED climbing in attics on a piping hot day. You ROCK!!!!! I will recommend you to anyone I know in need of insulation as this has been the best experience I’ve had in the TEN months I’ve been working on this project. God bless and did I say thank you. In case you missed it THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! And please do not hesitate to give my name and number to any future customers as I’ll be glad to give a verbal account of the wonderful job you did.”

Chony E.

“Christopher, Excellent job completed October 3rd, 2010 for radiant barrier, insulation as well as free weatherization. I would like to take the time to thank you for the excellent work completed on my Mother’s house. Joe Green and Christopher Burke were there to answer questions on several occasions as well as make sure that maintenance was done to complete a wall around the air handler and attic fan. Christopher made sure that his crew not only insulated the attic and applied a quality radiant barrier but silicon all the windows around the house. The crew that came out were dressed professionally, acted in a responsible manner and kept the area clean. I would recommend your company in the future to other homeowners. Thank you Chris for taking care of our insulation and weatherization needs.”

Mel P.